Elysium Team


Elysium is started by family oriented individuals with the heart to help the families in the most challenging situation of their life. We bring together professionals on the medical, social and spiritual field to provide assistance tailored to the patient’s needs. Elysium also takes pride of our volunteers, who brings joy to our patient, residence and family. 

Our team ensures that everyone gets proper certifications and training to be able to render services with excellence, ease and compassion. 

We also support the family members giving them assistance on how we can make the situation easier for them. We know that this moment is something that we fear, but with all of us together standing side by side, we can all face tomorrow with courage and dignity and whatever happens we can all stand the test of time.  

Our Team

We believe that the most valuable team member on this important endeavor is you and your family to include: 

  • Doctors
  • LVN, Nurse and Nurse Practitioners
  • Chaplains
  • Social Worker
  • Care Givers
  • Certified Home Health Aid
  • Pharmacists
  • Homemakers
  • Volunteers
  • You can also choose your doctor or your nurse practitioner as part of your medical team as attending medical professional supervising your medical care.

We have our on call nurses available 24/7 to provide assistance on all inquiries and help that you would need.